猛獣使いと王子様 ~Snow Bride~


Title: 猛獣使いと王子様  ~Snow Bride~
Company/Author: Otomate, Idea Factory
Official Website: http://www.otomate.jp/beast_fd/
Release Date: 24 February, 2011
Rating: B (12+)
Platform/File Format: PS2
Compression: RAR
Size of Compression: 2.74GB
Server/Host: Megaupload
Source/Credits: personal
Upload Date: 21 March, 2011
Uploader's Name: Fayna_Crescent
Password: Please leave a comment request for the password  :3

Personal Notes: ...I love the art   xD

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3





(二人ともとても好きです ^^)

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Posted on suzu_ken......so very cute!!! >///<
Kyaa!!! Daisuki desu! Koe mo, kao mo...!!! (mochiron, seikaku mo, ne? xD)
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Desert Kingdom ~Omake CGs~

Okay~ I thought I'd upload the omake CGs you get for clearing certain routes.

Behold! The King and his chancellor!

Hehe I love how Sera looks. Not so much Sharon though, though he does look very much like a pirate, I have to say I like pirate-Sera-type more :P
Sera's expression is wonderful too. Feels like he's the one that will get the ladies. The image of Sera stepping off his pirate ship, one hand on his hat and wink at the ladies, whose eyes turn into hearts and swoon or faint. Yup that's the image. Suits Sera in that he's kind of a nanpa type. :3

LOL haha yup can totally imagine this. Except V doesn't look like V....he looks like someone else o.o
But haha, Ishumaru >< Luffs. <3
Can't you just imagine the length of his complaint?? xD

Omg Legetta, since when were you this hot?!?!??
Grown-up version???
I'm weak to bath scenes/water scenes -nosebleed-
-points to shirt- Half see-through -nosebleed again-
Unbala looks like an elf prince xD
omg lol -catches myself staring at Legetta-
Haha but Legetta is really really hot in this CG xD
Chu~ <3
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Desert Kingdom ~V~

Ok, V's route :3
I was going to do Sharon but...hmm, changed my mind.
....one thought is that when I listen to V I have this urge to press the O button before he finished speaking.... actually this goes for all the people from the church = =
Too many "......"
He was the third character I went for :3

So when V wants to meet the princess, he kidnaps her = =
Wake up one morning and bam, is being carried through the air and to a veeeeery high place.
So one day he kidnaps the princess and asks her if she is god. When she replies yes, he suddenly changes.

V (?): Are you god...?!
This is the first time that his wish shows up on the roulette. But the wish is "I want to return" and of course, I didn't understand the meaning of it = =
When V turns back to normal, he had no memories of the change at all, so I let it go~
......sorry! I don't really remembered what happened lol since there was nothing really significant about it...., uh, well, to me anyway.....

Ficche: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Even after i said all that you're still wearing that outfit!!
Me: Ge! This voice is....
Ficche: Unforgivable! Today of all days, I won't let you go! (omg sorry so hard to translate. It's a bit/cough/ off but please put up with it = =)
Me: Run, V!
Ficche: haha, you think I'd let you run away?
Me: Waah!
Ficche: Now, come!    -skip the rest of what he says because it's impossible to decipher = = -
Me: V, help me!
V: .....ok sa.....
There it is! The "........"!!
Ficche: Wait, V. Don't you want to see her 'iketeru' look?
(somebody please translate iketeru >.>)
V: -widens eyes- ....iketeru...da to...?
Me: Don't react!!
Ficche: That's right. Kingdom code's princess accessories, done-up hair and trendy look...don't you want to see it?
V: Roger.
Me: Enemies increased?! tte iu ka, where did the "....." go?! Let go of meeee!
Ficche: Now, let's go, V. Hahaha. Not rejecting cool ikemen (basically good-looking guys), not letting leaving ikemen escape~
Unbala: Ah....hime-sama is being taken away.... Putting that aside, how does Ficche know V's name....?
-suspicion antenna going off-

V: ...it suits...you...
Me: Eh?
V: ....your usual outfit...isn't bad either...but...this...is cute....
Me: Eh. そ、そっかな。ぶっちゃけこの髪形ナシだろとか思ってるんだけど
Ficche: Oi! What's that supposed to mean!!
V: .....no....it's not bad....
Me: A..ahaha, thanks. -happy but a little embarassed/shy-
V: ...there's no need to be embarassed.....your cuteness....is not fake....
Me: -gasp- V....how can you say these lines normally... ><

One day, i get called in to Sharon's office. From there, we learn more about V. We already know that V, though being an assassin, doesn't kill. What he does to the people requested to be killed is he asks them to leave Kingdom (pfft 'ask' lol he takes them to the top of a building, his memorial place, and says if they don't leave he'll drop them. 'Threaten' is a better word I think haha), and carries them outside of Kindom with enough provisions to reach the next city.

V had no family, but received much kindness from the people around him and was raised by them. His past memories of when he was a child was only of happiness. V is essentially a good person, so he believes in the nice side of people, so even if he comes into contact with people with negative intentions, he still takes it as positive. The result from the kindness he received in childhood, he became very grateful to people and offered prayers to god. That was when he first came into contact with Church Moskino, and was set up as an assassin.

The reason V has joined hands with Sharon is to destroy the Church. Then Sharon asks the princess if she had received the flute from V. The flute was given to me by V and once you blow it, V will appear. Sharon asks me to blow the flulte with the reason that V hasn't come for his regular reports and so I do, to confirm V's safety. Moments after the flute is blown, there was some sound outisde in the hallway, and when we went out, this is what we saw:

While the princess was still in shock, Sharon called for the Knights, Royal Guards and all those in the palace to witness the Church's assassin's attack on the lost prince of Kingdom, Orutana. V was strange, like he was not himself.
V: ...I...killed someone....?
Then with a yell he disappeared. Sharon had used V to create a reason to destroy the church. The one who wounded Oltana was Sharon. It was a only a light wound that can be healed. He didn't think that V would be covered in blood but it worked to his purposes well. By the way, the blood on V is FIcche's. Ficche had ordered V to kill Oltana, but V attacked Ficche instead.

We learn that inside V is a chimera in the form of a crow. And that is the reason why V's left eye is a different color and why V sometimes get the urge to kill people. After I learn about V, of course I went to the church to see him. Ishumaru tried to stop me but I won in the end. V was of course surprised to see me, but he rejected my presence; he was scared of himself that he may attack me. When he ran out of the building, I chased after him.
Me; Wait, V!
V: Don't come! Don't come any closer...!
The BGM here is really, really beautiful.
V: I...I attacked people...!
Me: V...
V: I was ordered by Ficche to kill Oltana... The words rang in my head and I couldn't think of anything...!
    My body moved on its own, and when I came to, I had wounded Ficche...!
    And when I next came to my senses, that man...Oltana was lying there covered in blood....
    I don't know myself! I may have been killing people with this hand up until now!
    I am no longer myself! Please forsake me...!!

Me: What are you saying! You haven't killed anyone! Ficche is still alive! Isn't the reason why Ficche didn't die is because you tried so desperately to stop yourself!? With your skill, you could have finished him in one shot.
V: ...!
Me: If you can't believe in yourself then believe in me! V!
      ...It's okay, your hands aren't stained.
V: ..Fayna...

Me: Didn't you promise me? That you would never steal another's life.

V: ...I...am no longer human, Fayna...
Me: I see nothing other than a human. It's okay. I will always stay by your side.
V: ...Fayna...
Me: ....いい子ね。It's all right, don't be scared. From now, I will protect you...
V was trembling, but...he was also very warm. V is human.

Then the Knights have come to take V away. The church had decided to hand V over. I felt so sad for V when the church decided to hand him over and when Sharon set him up. I felt like V was really alone -cry-
So anyway, the crow inside V was stimulated by the knights and V took his sword and attacked them. But if he attacked them, the situation will only worsen. So I jumped in front of them and V's sword wounded me instead, but since I'm not human it's okay because the wounds will heal quickly. But from the shock of actually wounding me, V returned to his senses, and screamed (it sounded really painful).
Me: V! It's okay! I'm fine already.
V: I...I....! What did I do....!
Me: I said I won't die, right? It's okay. I won't disappear.
V: ....you....
Me: Come, V. Let's go together. This...is no longer where you should be.
V: .....
Me: Hold me, V. あの空の向こうへ行くの

V: I have finally...hurt even you.... I don't have the right to be by your side. But...but! I don't want to be separated from you
    I...even now, I...omae wo...

Me: It's okay, V. This wound is nothing. I don't have enough magic, so I can't return you to your original body. But I'll always be with you. No matter how many times you raise your hand against me, I won't get hurt, and i won't die. Even if you change into something that's not human, I will be at your side. I will never leave you alone. I...only I am capable of that.
V: ...Fayna...

That evening, we were in the desert outside of Kingdom.
Unbala: Hime-sama. Has V fallen asleep?
Me: Un, just then. I thought that he might not be able to fall asleep, but he seems to be very tired. He slept like he lost consciousness.
Unbala: The fact that he wounded you must have been significant.
Me: Maybe. But now he can't return to Kingdom...he must have a lot to think about.
Unbala: What do you plan to do?
I planned to go to the next country. But, as Unbala pointed out, it's quite far, and we had brought nothing. V's stamina will not last. And...
Me: Yes, as we travel, it'll be time up. I wonder what will happen when i don't become a true god?
Unbala: ....
Me: But that doesn't matter. I have no intention of dying, and V will definitely help me. For that reason, I have to advance. V moves faster than the average human; if we're lucky, we may arrive in the next country within days. We can only bet on that now.
Unbala: Even if you arrive safely, will V be saved? V will continue to attack people. Right now, he has regained his senses from the shock of wounding you, but V's consciousness will eventually be consumed by darkness.
Me: For that reason I am here. If hurting me will return V to his senses, I'll let him stab me again and again. Even if I'm cut or stabbed i'm fine. But, I will never let him kill people. If we find a place away from society, V can live. While hurting me, if V can live...
Unbala: ...If that happens, one day, V's heart will break.

When Unbala urged me to sleep, his "mata ashita" sounded final, but the princess did not notice.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOOD END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Dream World
"I want to return."
This is what I heard that night. The crow, V, inside of the human V. He begged to be returned to what he was like before he was truned into a monster, to the form that flew freely through the skies. I cried urgently for Unbara and when he appeared, I ordered him to turn the roulette, using the rest of my magic, thinking that if the crow V leaves the human, then V can live with society. Unbala then informs me that the V in the real world is acting strange, and I am pulled out of the dream world back to reality.

V was in pain, seeming to be because of the rejection of the crow. The roulette was still starting and hasn't failed.
Me: V...ganbatte...!

Me: You won't die... I won't let you die...! Please live, V...! Don't leave me alone....!
Omg the CG is so pretty and omggg, doki! Seriously I love this CG! V looks so cute! (Ahem, if you take away the blood at his mouth) but still it's a wonderful CG. Feel the love~ Hehe during the endings my love for V leaped upwards so much. When I saw this CG I was like !! so cute...!
V: ...Fayna, I...!!
Then a bright light and the sound of wings, as if something has left. Then V's relieved sigh as if he was free from pain and what bound him. Then he lost consciousness.

Three weeks later, V is no longer V, but Ham (his original name) since the crow V has separated from him. We dropped into Sharon's room through the ceiling. I demanded the removal of crime on V Ham's head, and asked Sharon to make a place for V.
V expressed that he only wished to be with me.
Then Sharon told us that the Church is no longer in Kingdom. The Church dissolved because the Church's assassin, V, had tried to kill the prince. This infromation was relayed to several countries. Then, starting from the country closest to Kingdom, letters for V's life came piling in. It was from all the people that V saved...they are now trying to save V's life. There was also news that a group of people that left Kingdom were now making their way back with the purpose of saving V and returning to their home country. 
When Sharon apologized, V was surprised and said "What for?" = =
The crime on V was removed, V had returned to the human 'Ham' and I had become a true god. It seems like we will become Zacca's owners.
V: Being with you is fun. Seeing your smile makes me happy. Hearing your voice surrounds me with happiness. That's why I want to be by your side, and want you to smile. If I can make you happy, then I want to do so. I can't return anything to you yet, but one day, I will give you true happiness. So give me some time.
Me: Mou...baka, I'm already happy!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
That night, I was taken into V's dream. And his wish showed on the roulette, the wish that was hidden deep inside V's heart: "To be by god's side."
Then the world shook---V has woken up.

The crow inside V has started thrashing again.
V: I...I, never want to point a sword at you again...!!!
Me: V, listen to me, V! I finally know what your wish is! I will grant your wish! Your wish to be by god's side so you won't break, so, entrust your wish to me...!
V: Wish...? My...!?
Unbala: Hime-sama, V's wish has appeared on the roulette! B-But, the contents are a bit different.
Me: Eh? Let me see! Eh....?! "To be by Fayna's side!?"
So in the end, I had Unbara spin the roulette using the rest of my magic. If I can grant both of V's wishes...

Then the world was black, and Unbala appeared. He said that there was no form of happiness above the one we have attained, and disappeared while blessing the birth of a true goddess and her spirit...

I have to say this is one of the best CGs in the game. No other character got this type of ending or CG. Of course because I love Sharon so I will insist that his second last CG is the best, but V's ending CG is second best ^.^
I fell in love with this CG instantly.

V: Fayna.... This is...
Me: V!? That look...the roulette was successful!
It wasn't possible to separate the crow and the human V. But the crow became the source of the power that enable V to become a spirit.
Me: This is your new form.... The best I can do. Can you forgive the me that can only save you in this way...?

V: Am I able to stay by your side? Is it okay...to be by your side?
Me: If you wish for that...
V: Fayna...
    Even when I hurt you, i was unable to let you go. Even knowing that you will be in pain, I didn't let go of your hand.....
    I don't know if I still have the right to say this, but...
    I love you.

Me: .....un, un.....! Me, too, V.....! もう絶対に離れないで……!
This is me and the spirit V's tale. As a new spirit and as a true goddess, we watch the world. Sometimes descending on earth, reaching out a helping hnd to those who need it and silently protecting those who try so hard to live.


I didn't plan on doing it this detailed, but I really love V's story...AND THE CGs. I love both of V's ending CGs.....! >///<
.....uuug, need-to-rest......
And yes, when I saw V's happy end CG, I also thought that I wanted it for my desktop background xD
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I was really surprised last night. I think it was around 4am? Uh, that would be this morning = =
Judging from the time I went to bed I would guess it was around 4am but I'm not sure since my time instinct is very very low. By the way I went to bed at around 3:30am~
I'm nocturnal :3
I don't move in the morning...... the sunlight kills me = =

I was surprised because when my brother came home (yes, he came home at 4am in the morning. Quite normal for him I might add) he closed my door because the light would shine into my room and everything. He also paused at the door and looked in. Since at that time I was facing the other way I couldn't see but I know he paused before closing the door softly so the light won't wake me (unfortunately I'm the type that don't fall asleep quickly so I was still awake. Now that I think of it he may be checking if I was still awake. Gah is it "if I were still awake???)

What's surprising about that, you ask?
Because he's my brother!! He usually doesn't do "nice" things like this so I was reeeeeeaally surprised O________O
To the point that I kept listening for about five minutes afterwards to see if it was my dear mother instead of my brother. Pfft as if my mum would be up and about at 4am. The ones still moving at that time would only be me and my brother. But I was so surprised I totally forgot.

Hehe there's this warm feeling *^.^*
Maybe he's just not good at this type of thing. I know that when he knows I'm awake he never closed the door even when he turned on the light right next to my room. It just so happened that I didn't move around last night this early morning. It's usually easy to tell whether I'm asleep or not since I tend to have weird sleeping poses and move around a lot before I finally fall asleep.


Next otome game!!

Haha when i was deciding to play Natsuzora no Monologue or Real Rode it was decided so easily. Firstly I looked up the opening videos on youtube.....

Natsuzora no Monologue:
I really liked the tune of the opening, but not so fond of the voice of the singer. It's not "clear." Really hard to explain but that's the best way I can think of describing it. I was interested in two guys. Uh....what was their names again? Kaga and....Ryouta? I think these two. Oh and One other that I forgot. Light blue hair, not straight. Probably a hidden character, or a character that you have to finish something before you can go for him. Okay I was became a little more interested in the game than I was and would actually play it (maybe. Hm, well, possibly I would). BUT THE HEROINE PUTS ME OFF UGGGGH I DON'T LIKE HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Siggggh. Do artists find long-haired characters more troublesome to draw these days? Bloody Call and Towa no Sakura both have short-haired heroines. Bloody Call's heroine was all right because her eyes were really pretty, but when they turn into Hanki eyes she looks freaky. Still, I didn't really like her hairstyle but it was a sort of meh, and in Towa no Sakura, it was okay, kind of like a "sigh another one" but Natsuzora no Monologue? I don't like her hair OR her eyes = =

Real Rode:
Okay I lied I haven't watched the opening of this yet. It's all loaded and ready to go on my youtube tab but haven't watched. Instead I read the "story" bit in the main site....and immediately decided that this would be the game I play. After reading the first page I'm like, hmm, not very interested but the heroine is so very much better. But after I read the next page, that she would drop into an RPG world I immediately decided that I would play this haha. Immediate stirring in chest and sitting up from my seat, leaning towards the screen. *___*  haha ^^

Conclusion is that I don't like reality games that much. Historical, fantasy, magic.....as long as it's not reality. That's why I wasn't particularly interested in Natsuzora no Monologue and still haven't finished DC Capo = =
Just looking at their unifroms in Natsuzora no Monologue's opening video I sighed inwardly because it was so.......normal.
I think it's a part of my character.... I've always like magic-related things since I was little so I guess it's the influence of that....

Desert Kingdom ~Sera~

Welcome to Sera route~~~~~~~~~

I went for him first. :3

After constant stalking, I finally arrive at Sera's first event at Day 11!
After going to Zacca, he invites the princess to tea (it seems like making tea is his hobby????)
But chaching! I notice something dropped by a customer. Sera made to chase after the customer but scheming me realizes this is a chance to get closer to Sera and make a good impression! So I run out of the store saying that I'll return the goods instead.
But no matter how I ran around i couldn't find the customer. In that time, Sera caught up to me! :O

Basically he says he's very happy and let's have tea = =
Sorry not much doki doki in this one so yaruki nashi. = =
Besides, I think his face looks a bit weird in this one. Only after Day 20 do the events start getting big.

So off to Day 20 we go.
At a party for Kingdom Souk (the shops in it), Sera and the princess went together. There we stumbled upon Don Ficche's bribery and illegal actions. Ficche (lol. thinking about him makes me laugh) is Sera's good friend and is the top designer. .....I forgot what his shop is called. Well, putting that aside, Sera was taken aside to have a talk with Ficche while I was sent home. But I decided to wait for Sera in front of his shop.

Sera didn't tell me anything. So....
Me; is it okay to sit beside you?
Sera: Why?
Me: Because you're making a very lonely face. If it's okay to be by your side, then that's fine. When you're lonely, it hurts to be alone, right?

Sera: I'm glad you're here.
Sigh!! Why does translations into English never go well and sound weird!?!?!

So a few days later I find out Sera's truth. His real name is Orutana, and of all things, the rightful heir to the throne! He is the last of the royal bloodline, and has returned to Kingdom to retake the throne. About ten years earlier, the royal family has disappeared from Kingdom. Sera's father was assassinated, and rumor has it that it was Sharon and his family (mainly his father) that was responsible for the assassination. At that time, Sera was away at Asuraan studying, and Kingdom refused to give him passage back home, so after 2 years he made it back by himself. At first, he made himself known as Orutana to Pucchi (arrrgh I hate this guy! His voice annoys me to no endsss!!!) . Pucchi is the fat annoying evil pig head of the Knights. Even though he recognized Orutana, he preteneded not to, and Sera was only saved by Ishumaru, who happened to be passing by and said that Sera was his patient, delusioned himself to be the lost prince of the kingdom. And so from that day onwards, Orutana became Sera, in order to survive. Ficche was gathering money to make Sera the king....through bribery.

Even amongst all this, hard-working lil' me continues to strive towards my goal of becoming a true god!! So without using the usual roulette to grant a human's wish of wanting a girlfriend, I decided to become his girlfriend for one day. In the middle of the date when the human decided to have me for his wife and starts pulling at me Sera arrives! (Apparently we were right in front of his shop). After taking me back to the castle Sera was obviously not in a good mood. Ah, by the way on the sixth day Sharon found me and had me stay in the castle since I was a princess and all >.>
Sera, of course, demanded an explanation (Oh, did I forget to mention that he pulled me away from the human by saying "She's my lover!!"? xDD). And so I ended up telling him everything. Surprisingly he believes me = =
But he refuses to take my hand. He wants to become King through his own power. Sera had decided to start from the very start--going back to Pucchi and announcing himself to be the Prince. And if that doesn't work, he will go to Sharon and announce himself. There is a possibility that he would be killed but he didn't listen to my words. He knew it himself, and that this may be farewell.

Sera: Thank you for all you've done, my princess. (AAAAH OMG why does it sound so weird when it's in English! ゾクッとしたわ!!! ……ごめんなさい、引きます) 
Sera: Because you were by my side, たくさん元気をもらったよ。And......lastly, this is a secret....I liked you.
Ahem sorry for the Japanese in the middle I had no idea how to translate that.

And he leaves the room. Chasing after him I found him confronting Pucchi, who orders the Knights to kill him. But the Knights wavered, believing him to be Prince Orutana. Angered, Pucchi declared that if the Knights won't do it, then he will.
(A gun is not Kingdom's weapon, so it's really rare for someone to have it)
But Sera was saved due to Evuu's princess ( :D ) and received a telling-off from me haha.

Then moving on to the next event....
Me: It's already late today so, good night, Sera.
Sera: Good night.
Me: .........
Sera: ........
Me: tte ano, this is my room.
Sera: Are, didn't you hear from Sharon? My room is also here.
Me: Ah, I see. Sorry I didn't hear. ....tte HERE?!
Sera: Un, sou. Iya kai?
Unbara: OF COURSE KONO KUSO GAKYAA!!!! (LOL the voice is hilarious. Love Unbara's seiyuu xD )
         etc   etc     etc
Well can at least enjoy the CGs....

So jumping quickly, just before---Ah. I forgot to mention that Sharon had in fact been waiting for Prince Orutana to return. Sharon had been acting like he took the throne so assassins will be focused on him and not the missing Orutana. His father had also helped the King to escape underground, except the contact with the King had been lost soon afterwards. Anyway, just before the crowning ceremony, Pucchi had escaped (let out) his jail (he had been jailed due to the previous incident) and it was revealed that Pucchi was actually the one that was responsible for the Kings assassination. And Sera, standing on the balcony, was shot in the thigh by Pucchi. The gun was something beyond Sharon's expectations and therefore there was no way to prevent it. Shot in the thigh, Sera will die from blood loss, but he insisted on standing and speaking to his people.
...His words were moving... -tear-
Then the people of the Kingdom called out to him, they yelled for him not to die. And I also didn't want Sera to die, so using the rest of my magic, I stopped the bleeding and healed Sera like he had never been hurt before (and as service, the blood-stained clothing had also been reverted, says Unbara xD)
From granting the wishes of so many people, I had become a true god, and Sera had become King like he wished.

And Sera happened to announce in front of the whole Kingdom that he's taking me, the princess of Evuu, kingdom of the gods, as  his wife. THEN he turns around and asks for  my hand.
Mah, all's well ends well ^.^ Not like imma say no anyway, so the happy ending:

I do apologize for the not-very-detailed summary.... _(_  _)_
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Desert Kingdom ~Intro~

Yay! I finished Desert Kingdom!! All CG get xD
Amazing. Second otome game that I have completely cleared. (The first is Vampire Knight DS but I don't really count that....since it's so short and all) Oh but I've got all the guy CGs for Hakuouki...but missing a few for the "others" section so I haven't quite completed that one and so doesn't count....
Desert Kingdom makes really good use of graphics (?). I love the characters and the comedy LOL. Thinking about it is funny haha. I really like the heroine because, omg, finally, LONG HAIR. For some reason I find the games recently have more short-haired heroines?!?!?!?! So the long hair was thumbs up. And the color is lavender, my favorite color! :D
The characters' hair in the game have this tendency to change color at the end. Uh, lemme rephrase. The ends of the character's hair changes color.

I really liked this game because of the comedy and the heroine. She's different than other heroines where they give them refined expressions. This heroine has lots of expressions, including when she goes 2D and expressions like this: -.- and = = and T_T
She's also different in that the way she speaks isn't lady-like. Of course I prefer feminine characters but this change is also nice xD
I like how sometimes the characters back-face you with another character facing them so you get the feeling of them standing face-to-face and not just having two characters line up on the screen. The sweatdrops and "...." speech bubbles and ? etc contribute to the comedy and it really adds to the game in that it's not just a character standing there talking but there are more going on....I guess?

There are also instances where a character pops up from the side....anyway, point is tha the graphics and thingy (sigh I am at a loss of words to describe what I mean) are really good!!! It's the best I've seen :)
It's really surprising that I played this game until I cleared every ending.....first time ever? (Second time, if you include Vampire Knight DS)

Well anyway, on to the game.
Heroine is god. Lol. Okay but she's only half (mother is human) and so her magic has been used up due to her over-use of it (which will eventually happen anyway) so she is dropped (literally) down a hole from Evuu, the kingdom of Gods to the desert.Oh and a magic lamp contianing Unbara is also chucked down with her. Her father is the King of the gods and so she is the princess~ After walking for aboout 70 days she arrives a Kingdom (yup, creative name). There she meets Sera, shop owner of Zacca and grants a human's wish for the first time. By the way a chibi Sera appears and explains Kingdom's main locations xD

Meet Sera! Ultra-cheerful-nanpa guy!

Because Sera holds a very strong wish, it reacted to her MACHINE GUN and it was their fated encounter (if you go into Sera's route, that is). Lol I totally laughed. I wonder if it was on purpose that they made the pronounciation the same. Anyway, machine gun, ahem, is written like this: 魔神眼 So, uh, god's eye?

The next day (by the way, the princess slept on the ground that night = =) is Sharon's appearance. The princess is at Zacca with Sera when the surrounding became very noisy and, dun dun duuuun------

He's here to do a check-up on the shops in Kingdom Souk (basically the market place).
Here is the character I thought I would never go for but ended up being my favorite (datte~~~ his real smile is so cute! >///<)
Suddenly Sera's actions became weird, making a veeeery scary face, but quickly forced it into a veeeeeery unnatural smile. So the princess ended up chasing Sharon to the castle and there her machine gun activated again!! Dizzy and.......!

......the princess ran away after above event. = = She came back the next day...which will become her encounter with V, the assassin. Because the above happened again V thought that she was feeling unwell and whooshed her away.
...literally. :)

Yes, through the rooftops we fly~
He's the church's assassin..... and he brought her to the church because he thought Ishumaru can help her. Um.......then the princess insisted she was fine and off she goes...
....and gets lost.
Not able to find her way out she found a building and decided to spend the night there. The first thing to greet her eyes the next morning is none other than Ishumaru~ <3

Yes, he is "waking her up."
やだな~ イシュマル~どう見てもそれは……ね?ふふ

At first I didn't like his voice, but after going into his route and maybe a little before that I started liking it. ちなみに、he's also one of the characters that I thought I would never go for but he became my second favorite.....
SIgh, the irony. 矛盾だな、私は……

Next is Legetta's appearance! He comes....RIDING ON A TIGER.

Yes, there's an agency called Rental Tigers......where you use tigers as transport. This one's name Uuzu. Actually Legetta's one fo the ones that I thought I would go for but he turned out to be my least favortie. I don't not like him or anything but....yes.....
So, the princess loved the tiger and asked if she can touch it and up comes a wonderful CG:

All's well ends well. :3
Just as the princess finished commenting on what a good boy (?) Uuzu is......
パクッ!                        (There was the word floating up on the screen and accompanying sound :3 )
Legetta: パク?

Legetta: AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Un, but being a being that far surpasses humans, the wound and bite marks disappeared almost instantly. We find out the Legetta came searching for someone named "Orutana," and Legetta mimicks Orutana by saying something like, "Hey, the pretty lady over there, call me Orutana, since that's what everybody calls me." or something like that = =
And here the princess and I are going, uhhhh.....soooo have heard that somewhere before... = =
Wonderful imitation I must add. Even though the name is different, we take Legetta to Sera (Sera said something similar by the by) and after dragging Legetta into Zacca, when they came out they were very unnatural, putting on something that was obviously an act to cover up "Orutana."

誰から見てもこれはね~ ==

Well, then Day 6 comes, which is when all the foreword things are over and the princess can start stalking chasing "go into contact with one of the guys for the sake of finding out their wishes." All of the above guys had the princess's machine gun go off. Oh and for Ishumaru, the machine gun went off but there were no images that are supposed to accompany the machine gun.
Sorry about the not-very-well-done summary because I played this a few days ago and play from the saved file of Day 6, I don't quite remember the prologue stuff so I kind of did this from memory....

Mah~ Desert Kingdom is really easy to play because all you have to do is continually stalk your favorite guy and fulfill people's wishes when you can't meet your guy. Guessing the wishes of your target is quite fun as well xD
The CGs are easy to get which makes it a plus unlike Kanuchi where if you don't play Ouba before Ukitsu you die. Okay no you don't but for me who inisists on getting all CGs it made me replay the whole game.....
Ahem, okay, let's not go off-topic.
At Day 20, depending on your actions, player will go into a certain guy's route (exclude Ishumaru and Unbara).

And so, onto the guys~

Sera Route へ~
V Route へ~

Omake CGs

I'm sorry to say I've only done Sera so far....
Of course I aim to do the others, especially Sharon and V and Ishumaru...! ><
And I want to do a good summary so it won't be good if I don't feel up to it....
というわけで、休憩です!! この間で別のゲームをちょっと試すわ~
Natsuzora no Monologue, the music really reeled me in BUT I DON'T LIKE THE HEROINE'S LOOKS.
I'll update if I do the others ><

Edit: Added V's route
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